AIR Series

NexCOBOT debuts the new artificial intelligence (AI) vision-centric product series—AIR (AI Robot & Retail)—the analytics solution for robot and smart retail vertical markets. The AIR series is an open and modular solution that works with the traditional machine vision processes and implements AI inference for computer vision acceleration at the edge. The AIR series is built to achieve high levels of quality and accuracy in automation and retail under imperfect and/or changing environments. The AI Vision Edge Solution meets the demands of high-mix, low-volume manufacturing, eliminates the need to set up an identical environment, and uses a single model for varying tests and applications. The AI Vision Edge Solution generates visual data for automation improvements, defect inspection, object/facial recognition, in-store analytics, customer buying patterns, etc. AI robot and AI retail reduce labor cost, boost workforce productivity, and result in better customer service. Come and explore the exciting possibilities with the AIR series!

Product Model Name CPU Chipset Memory Operation System
32a76933-8c50-4314-b5e3-daf73153365f AIR I200   new-blank.gif 7th Gen.
Intel® Core™
Intel® H110/
Q170 PCH
Up to 32GB Windows 10
64 bits
Ubuntu 16.04
0473847c-f509-4c04-9f80-26a9a2942865 AIR S300   new-blank.gif 7th Gen.
Intel® Core™
socket type
processor up
to 35W
PCH Q170
Up to 32GB Win10/Linux
49d76422-bcca-4008-8d6a-f700dff6ae7f AIR S500   new-blank.gif Supports
Intel® Socket
1151 for
8th Gen.
up to 65W
Intel® H310 Up to 32GB Windows 10
64 bits
Ubuntu 16.04
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