Modular Vehicle Computer System

The modular vehicle computer system is an in-vehicle computer built with individually-housed modules which are interconnected but separately removable for service or upgrading. The MVS series gives users the flexibility to modify and expand existing I/Os by changing and adding pre-defined expansion modules. The implication is that users can add more functions to an in-vehicle computer without the need to open its enclosures, avoids touching ESD-sensitive circuit boards.


The MVS series is available with a variety of interchangeable modules and expansion modules which are suited to different application scenarios and pre-validated to ensure system compatibility. Leveraging the MVS series and modules, users can fulfill application-specific requirements with minimum customization efforts, therefore accelerating time to market of products.

Product Model Name CPU Storage Wireless Options Video Output
03898e68-59c2-49a4-8439-df97d83ececd MVS 5210VA Dual-core
Intel® Core™
2 x SATA 3.0
1 x CFast
1 x mSATA
2 x WWAN
1 x Wi-Fi
1 x BT
2 x VGA
1 x LVDS
a9df5908-cb17-451f-b3f4-b5e35a59d0cb MVS 5603 Intel® Core™
i7 6600U
2 x SATA 3.0
1 x Cfast
2 x WWAN
(1 x Voice only)
1 x Wi-Fi
1 x BT
1 x VGA
1 x HDMI
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