AI Accelerator

The NEXCOM AIBooster Series employs Intel® Vision Accelerator Design Products to provide power efficient deep neural network inference for fast and accurate video analytics. Embedded Intel® Movidius™ VPUs integrate into highly customizable and complex networks on multiple layers. AIBooster products feature impressive computing power and ultra-low power consumption, resulting in an industry-leading cost/performance per watt ratio.


AIBooster products support machine deep learning solutions for high quality image processing, computer vision, and deep neural networks. Support for the Intel® OpenVINO™ tool kit facilitates facial recognition, motor vehicle license plate identification, misplacement differentiation, UAV auto navigation, and spatial positioning in robotics. Additional applications include healthcare, manufacturing, transportation, retail, and finance. NEXCOM AIBooster Series products offer easy scalability for different deployments while retaining all of their core proficiencies in any scenario.

Product Model Name VPU Core Interface OS Support
331bd460-77f8-4573-96f8-baaa45cfc6b7 AIBooster-X8 Intel®
Myraid X
8 PCIe x4 Ubuntu 18.04
Windows 10-64bit
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