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Central Management Appliance

The Central Management Server or CMS Series improves the operational efficiency of networked digital signage. Pre-installed with the fully featured PowerDigiS software suite, our CMS appliances optimize central management by monitoring multiple media players, distributing and scheduling presentation, and issuing emergency user notices as needed.


The CMS 1100 includes PowerDigiS software and can handle digital signage operations with up to 100 displays. The appliance helps users consolidate device management, presentation distribution, scheduling, and emergency notices. The CMS 1100 has been designed particularly for digital signage network operation in hospitality, retail, public announcements, education, and transportation.

Product Model Name LAN Max. Players Expansion Max. Memory
9778be0c-da89-4318-8302-686a1192ef34 CMS 1100 4 x Gigabit
100 1 x Mini-PCI 2GB DDR3
5d9392fd-e3fd-4a56-ac20-5c7ac2fb8208 CMS 2100 8 x Gigabit
250 1 x Mini-PCI /
1 x PCIex8
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